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hiSIte provide a range of services that can help you in every aspect of information technology and technology related issues.
  • Support Services
  • Internet Presence Consulting
  • Application Consulting
  • Training from beginner to advanced
  • Pro-active Management IT and ICT
  • Security Provision and Penetration Testing

  • Support Services

    We provide the support you need to keep your hosting running.We are so confident in our services, you get a free support email address and a phone number that is active 24hrs a day with all orders worth over 3000/year.

    Low value orders are supported through the sales desk email and phone number. This support is chargeable at 60/hr plus vat. Payment may be required in advance and can be done on-line.

    Registered Charities please email nev@hisite.co.uk for preferential rates, terms and services.

    Internet Presence Consulting

    Our experts are available on a consulting basis to manage/advise on, product, projects, design, coding, testing and support of:

    • E-commerce - selling goods/services on the internet
    • M-commerce - E-mail, calendar, applications and files while on the move
    • C-Commerce - Customer portals + Secure Areas to track services and build relations
    • S-commerce - Social Networking Solutions - make money from communicating on the internet
    • V-commerce - video streaming for profit
    • H-commerce - help-desk and heart-beat monitoring services on the internet
    • Change Management - help with planning and introducing new technology

    Application Consulting

    • From your concept
    • Through feasibility
    • Prototyping
    • Validating
    • Product Management
    • Context Help
    • Version Control
    • Upgrade

    Training from beginner to advanced

    We are able to put together be-spoke training materials and courses for specific needs.

    Pro-active Management IT and ICT

    We offer to act as your IT Help-desk and repair agent at a SLA agreed rate (Base 60/month per per computer). Contract terms are three years giving you long-term peace of mind.

    With us looking after all aspects of your on-site computer and communication needs. You are free to concentrate on winning new business and keeping customers satisfied.

    Security Provision and Penetration Testing

    In these times of virus, trojan, rat, worm, spoof and hack-attack you need to know you are protected and can restore your system if the worst happens.

    We do fixed fee security audits 100 per processor machine to check for problems. We advise on security measures, including training, and we security audit installations for weaknesses. We source and install security equipment from our recommended source - Cisco such as ASA 55xx series.

    We advise on backup policy covering Data Protection considerations, encryption, on-line data vaults and we configure your backup solution as is best for you.

    We will help recover systems in the event of problems.

    Please note that there is no known 100% software protection against a persistent hacking attack. Having security at least helps let you know a hack attempt is being made.