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All our business and charity hosting packages include a free domain name* (or transfer). Our packages feature control panels or wizards with some or all of the following features.

Basic FeaturesUnix Disk Space ,Monthly Data Transfer ,24 hour FTP access ,Subdomains ,PHP Scripting ,MySQL Database ,Front Page Extensions ,Server Side Includes ,Personal CGI-Bin Directory ,Search Engine Submission ,Web Site Statistics
E-Mail ManagementUnlimited Email Addresses ,EMail Pop Accounts ,Unlimited Auto Responders ,EMail Lists ,EMail Blocking ,Spam Filtering
Advanced FeaturesForums ,Agora Shopping Cart ,PGP Encryption
Site ManagementPassword Protected Directories ,Custom Error Pages ,Hot Link Protector ,Cron (automatic) Jobs

Select from one of the following plans or click on the plan for a full list of features. No setup fee and No hidden charges!

PlanDisk SpaceData Transfer
per Month
Annual Price
Bronze50 Mb1000 Mb£50yr.00 [Order]
Silver1Gb or 100Mb1Gbmth£30mth or 10mth.00 [Order]
Gold50GbUnlimited£Ask.00 [Order]

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Why Us?

We only use fast current technology servers for all hosting - servers which are true server-grade machines in every sense of the term.

Intel and AMD CPU's We use a range of different CPU's in our servers from top line 64-bit Intel multiple core to powerful multiple core multiple processor 64-bit AMD .

RAID5 All servers use Serial ATA hardware RAID5 technology for hard drive redundancy ensuring that if one drive fails the server remains online and functioning normally with no service interruption. The chassis used for all servers has hotswap bays which we use for RAID5 in 500GB minimum capacity arrays and daily overnight backups.

SATA storage Our servers use high speed SATA (Serial ATA) hard drives throughout. These drives (Raid Edition where applicable) allow for hotswap changes and offer superb reliability.

Corsair DDR2 RAM We use only the highest Corsair quality RAM in our servers comprising of latest R/W technology running at very high bus speeds to ensure that access to the server memory is a quick and efficient process.

Specialist Data Centers Our UK servers are located at Interhouse Redbus III www.red-bus.com (Sovereign House) which is one of Europe's best neutral colocation facilities. The data centre features an exceptionally highly specified infrastructure to include mist fire protection systems, specialised heat and smoke sensors, raised flooring, scalable power for future expansion, 24x7 technical support 365 days a year and superb levels of security.

  • Dual (x2) Gigabit NIC's
  • 1000mbps uplink to switch
  • In house monitoring
  • Third party monitoring
  • Green Energy Efficiency Standards Compliant

  • *Free domains: .net .org .co.uk .org.uk only

    All specifications and service offerings subject to availability, maintenance down-time and other changes or enhancements to form the overall service we provide. We reserve the right to use other locations to provide hosting services of a similar specification to the above.