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Basic Features

  • Unix Disk Space
  • Monthly Data Transfer
  • 24 hour FTP access
  • Subdomains
  • PHP Scripting
  • MySQL Database
  • Front Page Extensions
  • Server Side Includes
  • Personal CGI-Bin Directory
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Web Site Statistics
  • E-Mail Management

  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • EMail Pop Accounts
  • Unlimited Auto Responders
  • EMail Lists
  • EMail Blocking
  • Spam Filtering
  • Advanced Features

  • Forums
  • Agora Shopping Cart
  • PGP Encryption
  • Site Management

  • Password Protected Directories
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Hot Link Protector
  • Cron (automatic) Jobs

  • Basic Features

    Unix Disk Space   This is the amount of space allocated to you on our servers. Typically our users utilise less than 50% of there allocated space, but its nice to know its there! Big graphic files not only take up space, but slow your site down.

    Our servers have Dual Pentium Processors, 2048MB Memory, Dual Disks and Daily Tape Backups, housed in one of the latest Data Centers.

    Monthly Data Transfer   This is the amount of data transferred between your account and other internet users. Remember that this not only includes your web site, but also your emails, ftp and other applications you may use. The control panel gives you a monthly tally, so you know how much you have used.

    As a rough guide for every 1000 page views, you would expect to use 100Mb of data transfer, so even our bronze package will give you 10000 page views per month, making yours a very popular site!

    24 hour FTP access   There is no limit to FTP Access around the clock, so you can change your site when you want.

    Subdomains   A sub domain is a folder created within your main account which becomas a fully operating web site with its own username and password. Yoy dont have to register it, just create it from the control panel, and you will have an extra account for a web site, email and ftp.

    PHP Scripting   PHP is a powerful server side scripting language ideal for the creation of dynamic data driven web sites. The latest release, version 4 is installed on our servers.

    MySQL Database   The most popular database management system on the web. Easily integrates with PHP and the Control Panel allows easy management and access.

    Front Page Extensions   FrontPage 2002 extensions can be installed on your account. This allows you to take advantage of the dynamic features and publication wizard in Microsoft's web page authoring software.

    Server Side Includes   Server Side Includes allow you to embed dynamic elements within your page as well as including sources from other files, easing your website management.

    Personal CGI-Bin Directory   Each account has a directory set asside to allow you run CGI Scripts, which are programs written in Perl or C, that allow you to change the look of your site dynamically, interact with visitors or check who has visited. The Control Panel gives you a selection of more popular scripts for you to install.

    Search Engine Submission   Its no good having a web site if nobody knows, so with our one click submit tool, you can have your url registered in minutes. Note however that most Search Engines can take upto 3 months to list your site, so start early!

    Web Site Statistics   You want to know who visited your site and what they looked at? The Control Panel provides 2 programs to show you, and keeps the information for 12 months.

    E-Mail Management

    Unlimited Email Addresses   You can create as many e-mail addresses as you wish for each domain you own. These can be real mailboxes (limited by the plan you choose), as for POP3, or simply aliases that you can redirect to a real mail account, or forward to an account of your choosing.

    EMail Pop Accounts   You can create a number of seperate password protected mailboxes for your own or your companies use, which can accessed by any POP3 mail client (such as Outlook, Netscape, etc) delivering mail to your desktop The settings you need to configure are available through your Control Panel, and in the case of Outlook Express, we provide a self-install script to configure your mail client. The SMTP mail server can also be used or you can retain that of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you use to connect to the Internet.

    Unlimited Auto Responders   Auto responders reply automatically with a standard message, to any incoming mail for a specific addresse.

    EMail Lists   This allows you to create a list of recipients for delivery of bulletins, news, memos, etc.

    EMail Blocking   This allows to filter mail on specific criteria, such as address, subject, body, or header, and then discard the message, save a mail box full of SPAM.

    Spam Filtering   Unsolicited commercial e-mail, commonly referred to as SPAM, is the Internet equivalent of junk mail. On our servers you can enable filtering of this mail.

    Advanced Features

    Forums   Each account has a ready-to-install forum to enable you and others to post comments and information on mutually interesting subjects.

    Agora Shopping Cart   This tool allows you to use the free Agora shopping cart on your site.

    PGP Encryption   Sensitive data and emails can be encrypted using a PGP key stored on the server.

    Site Management

    Password Protected Directories   You can restrict access to certain areas of web sites, by creating access files, containing authorised users and passwords, and all from the Control Panel.

    Custom Error Pages   Change the standard error pages to something more friendly and informative.

    Hot Link Protector   This prevent other people from linking into your pages, using your material and your bandwidth.

    Cron (automatic) Jobs   If you have a program that has to be run every day, CRON jobs allow you automate this task. From the Control Panel you can set the time, the frequency and the program or script to run.